Kneading Kitties News

21. 08. 2010.

Busted Window!

This is Busted Window.

When we got him off the steet he was limping on two legs ! the poor guy was in a really bad shape, but looking better, he gained a lot of weight!

21. 08. 2010.


This is Beem-Beem.

She is 8 yes 8 years old, she is a very small kitty, but there is nothing wrong with her, she is just small. She is "dreamer":))

21. 08. 2010.


This is Snowball

We got her off the street about 1 and half year ago. when she was a tiny little kitten she would walk up to our house, and she would not go back where she came from. she slept front of our living-room window on the sand in the freezing cold! we just had to rescue her:))

21. 07. 2010.

New pictures

There are some new pictures!


Yummy-yummy food!


This is Blanca, and she is saying: yeap, i ate'em all!!


Blanca. One day i'll learn how to sleep like a kitty! but not yet:))


This is Slepy. Yeah, me too man!!! And yes she sleps everythin going by!

21. 07. 2010.

Five little kittens

These five kittens belong to a Mama who ran into our garage when she was pregnant... she is not exectly nice to us yet , but she is coming around... the kittens are very lovely and pretty.... we bring them into the house,... sooo... they are very friendly and they like humans..obviously :))


Such cozy blanky:))


I love You man,, I love You more :))


I'm just one lucky kitty!


One big happy family...can you see the little white one in the middle???


Bet I can eat more than You can!


One day... one day, I'll be a BIG kitty... until than,...I'm stilling everything I can...


Hide the food...hide the food... You better hide the food!


Just look at us....We are beautiful !...

23. 04. 2010.

Simbi’s babies are 6 weeks old!

Simbi's babies are 6 weeks old!

Simbi is the one, who we got off the street few months back, and she had babies when i was in Hungary! they're absolutely adorable!! Very-very smart, and as you can see, they're beautiful!!

10. 10. 2009.

This morning at 5:25 the Bear left us.....

This morning at 5:25 the Bear left us..... we are extremely upset, because he was such a smart kitty, he was true family member of ours..

When Danny would step on the back patio and would call him: Bear, come on Bear! no matter where he was, he would be running to him, wiggling his tail/like a dog/ and he was soooo proud of himself, because he did something good. last christmas when we took in a stray kitty/Snowball/, the Bear was the first one to "adopt" her. even he is a male kitty, very unusual!!

he was, litterly walking her around showing her where were the feeders, water dishes etc. he even showed her the "mouse", he would bring it to her and started to play with it, or just started to make this funny noise, with that, he was calling everybody, that he find the mouse, come and get it!

Very-very intelligence kitty!!

We are very sad and will miss his big honest, orange eyes!!

16. 01. 2009.

New cage system

Danny built that cage system,actually he added more to it on his christmas break, so they can run around and wach the birds!